Walkthrough of how to set up the “Teams (Phone Settings)” for general use. Then a more in-depth explanation of the settings clients usually have questions about or want to change.

Settings --> Teams (Phone Settings) --> New


Name: Account Level

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This section mostly deals with what options are available and what you see when the notification pops up to take a call

Show the Ignore button = CHECKED

     - This gives agents the ability to ignore a call in the incoming call notification

Answer on Notification Click = CHECKED

Auto-Answer Incoming Calls = UNCHECKED

    - Automatically connects agents to incoming calls

Logout All = UNCHECKED

Desktop Notification – Format Body to match: "Contact: {{name}} - {{caller_number}}" 

  • Add the Contact's name using the name field in the drop down

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This Section is hardly used at all, except for a setting that deals with wrap up panels, and the possibility of using a complicated Lambda function

Custom Do Not Call List - Do not Use

Outbound Lambda - Do Not Use

Enable Best Match = Unchecked


This section deals with the buttons and options available to agents in the softphone during a call.

Show the Transfer Button = UNCHECKED 

  • This can be used for Cold Transfers. So you can cold transfer to specific agents, queues, or voice menus

Show the Add Button = CHECKED

  • Under "Add Options", remove the "Add Agent" and "Add Receiving Number" options

Show the Participants/Party button = CHECKED

Show the Hold button = CHECKED

Show the Dial Pad = CHECKED

Show the Caller Number = CHECKED

Show the Caller Name = CHECKED

Show Scoring = UNCHECKED

Show Recording Status = CHECKED

  • The ‘Red Dot’ on the top bar

Allow Agent to Toggle Recording Status = CHECKED

  • Click on the red dot to deactivate. This allows agents to turn off and on recording during lives calls when collecting confidential information, like credit card info.

Move the Not Available Status to the bottom of the list = CHECKED

Give agents the option to call or text = UNCHECKED 

  • can be changed based on preference

Confirm Hangup Prompt = UNCHECKED

Country Selector = SKIP

Highlight Tag = SKIP

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This determines what agents on this team will have access to in terms of phone settings, most of this section is not changed

Allow agents to customize their phone setting = CHECKED

  • Located in the top-right corner of the Softphone

Allow agents to use 'Receive Push Notifications' = CHECKED

Allow agents to disable WebRTC = UNCHECKED

Allow agents to set their own receiving number = UNCHECKED

Allow voicemail = CHECKED

Allow voicemail transcriptions = UNCHECKED (unless client requests)

Reset Agent Device on Logout = UNCHECKED

Show Active/Suggested Contacts = CHECKED (or UNCHECKED - doesn't really matter)

Allow agents to access contact list = CHECKED (or UNCHECKED - doesn't really matter)

WebRTC Settings Section = SKIP

  • Section contains very specific settings that are often not necessary for our clients

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How transferring is handled

Hold & Transfer = CHECKED

  • For warm transferring, when the agent who transferred the call hangs up, automatically takes the call off hold

Recording = Leave as "Continue Recording"

  • When a call is transferred, it will keep recording

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Determines what should happen if the agents in the team do not pick up a call

Missed Call = Leave as "Keep Accepting"

  • Keeps the agent marked as available if the don’t pick up the phone

Agent Interaction = UNCHECKED

WRAP-UP FOR OUTBOUND -- SKIP (Unless client requests)

  • Wrap up Panels allow for a time after the end of a call (usually 15-60 seconds) for CSRs to complete actionables before their status becomes “available” again

  • See Wrap- Up Panels

WRAP-UP FOR INBOUND -- SKIP (Unless client requests)


Likely the section that will be changed the most based on clients’ preferences, most of it deals with who has access to certain options during live calls and recordings.

Live Listen = Allow Anyone

  • Allows users to listen to a call currently going on in the Call Log

  • Can be useful for new employees to listen to calls for training

  • Some managers might not want to give that access to CSR

Recording Access = Allow Anyone

  • Allows users to listen to the recording for individual calls

  • Clicking on the headset will open up an audio bar that users can listen to the call on

  • Some managers might not want to give that access to CSRs

Barging = Allow Managers

  • Allows users to jump into a live call and kick out the agent currently on this call

  • Likely only want this available to managers, for when a call isnt going well

Coach/whisper to agent = Allow Managers

  • Allows a user to jump on a call where only the CSR (and not the customer) can hear them

  • Allows managers to walk CSRs through calls and give advice

Hangup calls = Allow Managers

  • Allows users to disconnect the call immediately

  • Allows managers to disconnect calls not going well

Change agent assignment = Allow Managers

  • Allow users to modify the agent who owns the call

Allow Account Administrators = CHECKED

  • Account Administrators not on this Team will have the same access

  • Account Administrators can listen to recordings, look at the dashboard

Restrict Account Administrators = UNCHECKED


Click the "Edit Assigned Members" button and add all agents to the list (not managers)

  • Normal CSRs or Sales reps

Apply the appropriate Access Control Group for the team

  • Likely called “CSR” or similar, they might have none

Only allow team chat with members of this team = UNCHECKED


Add all managers to the list

  • Likely Owners, Managers, Supervisors, Office Managers, etc.

Limit Access to Activities & Users = UNCHECKED

Apply the appropriate Access Control Group for managers as needed

  • Possibly the same “CSR”, might have a separate one for managers or none at all

Clicking a name will move it to the other side, once you’ve moved them all click “Save Changes”