How to buy tracking numbers and set them up with the appropriate routing.


  1. In CTM, click on Numbers → Buy Numbers

    1. Located in the top left corner (inside hamburger menu)

  1. Search by Area Code

    1. In the Search bar, you can search by area code to find available numbers. Select the correct area code(s). (There are other ways to search as well, but this is the most commonly used way to search for tracking numbers.)

    2. Click on the plus sign on the right to add the numbers you want to the “cart”.

Tip: Try to add numbers that are located in the same city (ex: selecting Raleigh numbers, not Pittsboro, for the 919 area code)

  1. Click Confirm and Purchase
    Once you have all the numbers you want to buy, click the box that says “Confirm and Purchase” in the upper right corner. Then on the order confirmation page, click “Complete order”.

  1. Choose whether you would like to buy more numbers or configure the ones you just bought.

Typically, at this point, you will choose Configure Numbers so you can set up the Call Routing and Tracking Source

  1. Configuring numbers

The next screen will allow you to enter the Routing Settings, Tracking Source, and Web Target Number (as needed).

 By Column

Purchased Number - This shows the number(s) you just bought and there is a field to add a label (recommended to describe the purpose)

  • Click on “edit label” to add a description of the tracking number’s purpose (can usually be the same as the tracking source, but if you want to add another descriptor, like the location it's for, would be useful to distinguish it from other numbers of the same Source)

Voice Routing - This is where you want the tracking number to route to (send calls to).

  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to the search box where it should show the ways you can route.

  • Tip: Look at how other similar numbers in your account are being routed and copy that routing

  • Dial Receiving Number: use if routing to a specific number outside of CTM (Like a cell phone or another company)

  • Dial Voice Menu: Use if there is a Phone Tree set up

  • Dial Call Queue: Sends directly to the queue for agents to answer (No phone tree)

  • Smart Route Calls: If there is a smart router set up that sends calls to specific menus depending on the schedule, send calls here

  • Dial Agent: Used if the number is a direct line for an agent

Tracking Source - This is the marketing channel that the tracking number should be attributed to (i.e. Google Ads, Website, Google Local Services, Yelp, Internal, etc.)

Web Target Number - This is the number listed on the ‘backend’ of the website that CTM looks for throughout the site to know where to swap in a tracking number. It is used for onsite tracking numbers only (Website, Google Ads, etc)

  • Tip: Look at other similar numbers to see if they have a Target Number and what it would be. The target number should be the same for all tracking numbers (unless there are multiple numbers on the website)

  1. Save Changes & QA
    After filling out the appropriate fields, click the “Save & Continue” button. This will automatically take you to the 'Call Settings' page

  • Scroll down to the 'Tracking Numbers' section, and click 'Edit Assigned Tracking Numbers'
  • Add the new number(s) to the assigned list
  • Click 'Save Changes'

Navigate back to the Tracking Numbers page and do a test call on each number you purchased/set up to make sure that it connects successfully to where it should go.