1. Collect the following information:

  1. Carrier Name

  2. Numbers you want to port

  3. Account Number

  4. Account PIN Number

  5. Billing Address (As appears on phone bill)

  6. Billing Company Name (As appears on phone bill)

  7. Billing Contact Name (As appears on phone bill)

  8. Copy of your latest phone bill

2. In CTM, go to “Numbers” → “Port Numbers”
If this is the first port, you’ll automatically be taken to the new port page. If not, you will see the port overview page and can click “Port New Numbers” in the upper right corner.

3. Carrier Name

Type in the Carrier Name, which should match the phone bill

4. Numbers to Port

  1. Can manually insert numbers you want to port one at a time or upload a CSV of multiple numbers you want to port (Click on 'Port Multiple Numbers')*.

  2. Forwarding/Receiving number is required, and can be changed/removed later

  3. Include the appropriate Tracking Source

  4. Click on 'Add number' to add another row, and follow the same instruction. 

4a. *Porting Multiple Numbers (Manual Add Option)
Useful for porting several numbers (usually 5 or more)

  1. Click on “Port Multiple Numbers”

  2. Click on “Manual Add”

  3. Add one number per line, including country code e.g. +1, such as +14105550000 (do not include dashes)

4b. *Porting Multiple Numbers (CSV Upload Option)

    Useful for porting several numbers (usually 5 or more)

  1. Click on “Port Multiple Numbers”

  2. Click on “Choose File”

  3. Once the document is loaded into CTM, select the drop down menu for each column and choose the appropriate name

  4. Note: “Tracking Number to Port” and “Receiving Number” are both required, but also make sure to include the “Tracking Source

5. Customer Name

Include First Name, Last Name, Business Name, Service Account Number, and Account Pin (if provided*). All of this information should be on the telephone bill you have received from the client and should be filled in exactly as it appears on the telephone bill.

*The account PIN is not always shown on the phone bill and may not always be needed, but it is a required field if the phone number is a mobile phone number.

6. Billing Address

Address, City, State, Zip Code. As with the previous section, it can be found on the telephone bill and should be filled out exactly as it appears on the bill.

7. Agreement

Read the statements, check the boxes, and then click on “Continue to Letter of Authorization”.

8. Send Your Letter of Authorization

Enter in the Full Name and Email Address of the person who currently owns the numbers (usually the person on the phone bill). Then click “Send LOA for Signing”.


You will receive an email notifying you that it has been signed.

1. Upload Phone Bill

  1. Cannot be done until LOA is signed.

  2. You will receive another email from CTM with a link to upload the phone bill

  3. Another way to do it: Numbers→ Port Numbers → Actions: Send

    1. Upload file, click “Send Proof of Ownership”

  4. After uploading, go back to the port overview & then go to “Notes” and leave a comment to keep a record of the phone bill being uploaded.

  5. Note: look in the account column to see if there are any errors preventing the port from continuing. A common one is one of the numbers you are porting is already set up as a receiving number, so it will have to be removed as a receiving number in CTM before the port can continue.

2. Use the “Notes” page to Stay in Contact with CTM Updates

  1. Numbers → Port Numbers → Notes

  2. This page is updated whenever an action takes place, or communication needs to happen (and an email is also sent to whoever submitted the port request)

  3. It lists when numbers are ported over, when a number cannot be ported, or any other CTM update on the porting of that specific number list

  4. Note: it can take weeks for number porting to happen, so it is important to keep track of updates and to follow up with CTM if you haven’t gotten an update in a while

  5. Note: You should also be receiving these updates through email

3. When the number comes into the account, update the routing

  1. Note: You will not be notified when the number comes into the account, but it should be there around the time you get an email from CTM saying that the porting date has been scheduled.

  2. Go to Numbers → Tracking Numbers

  3. Click “Edit” on the tracking number that is scheduled to be ported

    1. Add a description of the number (Main Office Line, “Agent Name” - Direct Line, Name of Marketing Channel, etc.)

    2. Dial Routing: Update to go to the appropriate place (Main Menu, route to an agent, route to a queue, etc.)

    3. Text Routing: Turn on “Text Messaging Enabled”

    4. Call Settings: Change to “Account Level”

  4. Make sure text messaging is enabled

  5. Make sure that each line has a solid black checkmark in the phone column. If the check appears as an outline, that means that texting is not enabled.

  6. If not go to Texts → Text Numbers → Allow Text Messages

  7. Add the ported numbers to the “Assigned Tracking Numbers” Column

4. Add new tracking numbers to the Account-Level setting under "Call Settings"

  1. Numbers → Call Settings

  2. Scroll down to the “Tracking Numbers” section and click “Edit Assigned Tracking Numbers.

  3. Move the Ported numbers over to the “assigned tracking number” column

5. Day Of the Port

  1. Make test calls and text to confirm routing is set up properly