This process will explain how to add the SprowtSell Call Scripts product into your CallTrackingMetrics account, allowing you to utilize Call Scripts within the CTM window and not have to have 2 windows open. 


  1. Identify the URL to automatically open inside CTM.
    Go to your Call Scripts URL and select the script you want to populate automatically for inbound calls. The first dialog that you are taken to is typically what you will want all calls to start out with.*

    Keep this URL open as you will need it for Step 3.

    1. *Some exceptions might be if you have multiple scripts and want certain types of calls to have certain dialogs open first (in this case the URL you would want would be on the home page). Or inbound versus outbound.

    2. **Make sure the URL is using https and not http (required for using Call Scripts within an iframe in CTM)

  2. In CTM, go to Flows → Call Scripts → New*
    *If this is the first time creating a new Call Script in CTM, once you click “Call Scripts” it will default to the “new” page.

  3. Set up the new Call Scripts in CTM:

    1. Under the “General” section:

      1. Next to Name under the Preset drop down, choose “TEMPLATE: Call Scripts”. (if you don't have access to the Presets, just follow the steps outlined under 'b')

      2. Rename the Name field to just “Call Scripts” and delete the description line.

    2. Under the “Contents” section:

      1. The “Open Remote URL in an embedded iframe” and “Open in full-screen when in desk mode” toggles should both be ON – leave those as-is.

      2. In the “Open URL at the start of a phone call” field, replace the URL with the your URL as noted in Step 1.

        1. At the end of the URL pasted into the field, paste in the following string:

        2. (Example) The full URL should look like this:

      3. Click Save Changes

  4. Apply the Script to tracking number(s).
    At the bottom of the new script edit page, under the “Numbers” section, you will click the “Edit Assigned Tracking Numbers” button. This is where you can select which numbers to add the script to.

    Initially, you may want to only apply the Call Scripts to one tracking number that can be used to test/practice, ideally an “internal” tracking number or one that isn’t used often.

    Once enabled, do a test call to confirm the script opens properly. (The easiest way to do this for testing & training is to set the tracking number as your outbound number & make an outbound call)

  5. Apply the Script to the rest of the tracking number(s).
    Once the CSRs have been trained and are comfortable using the product, you will come back and update this to apply the Script to the rest of the numbers you want the script to display for.