1. Make sure you are in desk mode (You will see the softphone on the right side.)

  • If you don't see the softphone, press the 'Desk Mode' button at the top of the page

2. Click on the gear wheel in the upper right corner of the softphone

3. Go to the 'Voicemail Greeting' section where you have a couple of options for adding a recording:

  • Click on the cloud to upload an audio recording from your computer
  • Click on the microphone to record your message in CTM

4. If you clicked the microphone, click 'Start Recording' and record your message after the beep.

  • After you stop recording, you can preview it, and if you like it, select 'use audio'

5. Once the audio has been uploaded and you see it in the softphone settings:

  • Check the 'Email' box, so you receive an email notification whenever someone leaves you a voicemail
  • Select 'Update Voicemail' to confirm the new message is saved

6. Do a test call