The telecommunications industry is in the process of implementing regulatory changes which CallTrackingMetrics is committed to supporting as part of a global effort to combat fraudulent spam calls and text messages.

The first of these regulatory changes is STIR/SHAKEN which has been put in place by the FCC to combat spoofed robocalls with caller ID authentication.


  • STIR/SHAKEN was developed to stop illegal call spoofing. It is a new industry standard for security and combatting spam/robocalls. It requires businesses to register and be validated as an authentic source in order for carriers to verify that a call is in fact coming from the number displayed on the user’s Caller ID. 

  • STIR/SHAKEN currently applies to the US only, and the FCC is requiring businesses to register for a business profile & obtain a “trust score” which will be shared with underlying carriers (such as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc) for outbound calling.

  • These regulations are a win for consumers and businesses alike. By requiring calls to be validated by carriers, we can begin to cut down on unwanted and harmful engagement from robocallers for consumers, which will hopefully allow people to trust the validity of their incoming calls.

  • These changes will only affect your outbound calls (at this time). Customers will now have a better idea of who is calling them, and a clearer picture of whether a call is spam or from a reputable source (you!).

Next Steps:

  • Coalmarch will be collecting your legal business information and completing the application process on your behalf. You will need to fill out the form we’ve created here, using your legal business information (matching what shows on your W-9/EIN Business Registration)

Make sure your CTM Account is STIR/SHAKEN Compliant:

  • In CTM, go to Numbers--> Trust Center
  • Under status, you should see 'Approved' (if you've already gone through this process w/ Coalmarch)
  • If you have any questions on getting compliant, please submit a ticket to us and we can get the necessary information from you!

Additional Resources (NOTE: Some of these get into very technical detail):