The purpose of this article is for CTM setups where individual CSRs or Managers have their own direct lines in CTM. 

If you're not sure you have direct lines:

  • Go to Numbers --> Tracking Number
  • Scroll through the numbers and look at the Description. If all individual CSRs have their name in separate descriptions, then you have direct lines
  • You can also look in the "Routing "column" to see if tracking numbers are going to individual CSRs

Before you buy a number:

  • Go to Numbers --> Tracking Number
  • Check to see if there are any open numbers not being used
    • Often a number previously used by a CSR who has left
  • Scroll through the 'Tracking Numbers" page, or in the search bar type "Open" or "New"
  • The description will likely have a description letting you know it's not in use
    • Such as "Open number for new employee" or similar
  • If you have a number like this, you can skip buying a number and scroll down to the "Tracking Numbers Settings" section of this article

Buying a Tracking Number

In CTM, click on Numbers → Buy Numbers

Search By Area Code

  • In the Search bar, you can search by area code to find available numbers. Select the correct area code(s) for the client. (There are other ways to search as well, but this is the most commonly used way to search for tracking numbers.)
  • Click on the plus sign on the right to add the numbers you want add to the “cart”.
  • Tip: Try to add numbers that are located in the same city (ex: selecting Raleigh numbers, not Pittsboro, for the 919 area code)

Click Confirm and Purchase

  • Once you have all the numbers you want to buy, click the box that says “Confirm and Purchase” in the upper right corner. 
  • Then on the order confirmation page, click “Process order”.
  • Then Click "Configure Numbers"

Configuring Numbers

The next screen will allow you to enter the Receiving Number, Tracking Source, and Web Target Number (as needed)

Purchased Number 

  • Click "edit label" and add the name of the user attached to this number
  • Use the same format as the other direct line descriptions. EX: John Test, John Test - Direct Line, John Test (Direct Line)

Receiving Number 

  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to the search box where it should show the numbers it can route to. Otherwise, you can manually type in a number.

  • This will be a temporary number, we will change this in a future step. For now, chose the mainline number.

Tracking Source

  • Type "Internal" into the bar and select that as the Source

Web Target Number

  • Leave Blank

Click "Save Changes" and Continue

  • This will take you to the "Call Settings" page. Do not do anything here.
  • Navigate back to the "Tracking Numbers" page

Tracking Number Settings

After you have configured the numbers and returned to the Tracking Numbers page, find the number(s) you have just added and complete the following steps:

  • Click "Edit" next to the newly bought number


  • Confirm the"Description" is listed as the correct CSR


Dial Routing

  • In the "how would you like to route your calls?" dropdown, select Dial Agent
  • In the "select an agent" dropdown, select the appropriate agent
  • Choose a "seconds to answer" time
  • In "Default Route" Select "Voicemail Box"

Text Routing

  • Confirm "Text Messaging Enabled" is ON
  • In the "Agent Assignment" select Agent
  • In the "select and agent" dropdown,  select the appropriate agent

Click "Save Changes"

If you want the CSRs "Outbound" number to be their direct line:

  • Go to "Settings" --> "Manage Users"
  • In the "Outbound Number" column for that user, click to open up the dropdown
  • Select their direct line number in the dropdown
    • Tip: type in their first name in the dropdown to easily find their number

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