After a call is completed, or after an agent has transferred the call, the Wrap-Up panel will automatically pop up in fullscreen, displaying the contact panel and a countdown at the top. During this time, please perform any actions required of you such as updating contact information, making changes in a CRM, or setting up the customer on a schedule. If you do not need the entire time for wrapping up the call, you can just click "Save Changes" at the bottom to exit the panel.

Depending on how your company/team/department is set up, you may or may not have access to a Status Dropdown that will allow you to choose the status you want to be in once you exit the panel.

End of Call:

  • If either party on the call hangs up to end the call, you will be sent to the Wrap Up Panel

Putting People on Hold:

  • To avoid being pushed to the Wrap-Up Panel, use "Hold for Me"
  • Using "Hold for Anyone" will put you in the Wrap-Up Panel as soon as you finalize the hold process (hitting Hold, then "Hold For Anyone")
  • If you need to get back on a call that is on "Hold for Anyone", click on "Save Changes" in the Wrap Up Panel to exit the panel early, and then you'll be taken back to the call log


  • Both Warm and Cold Transferring will send you to the Wrap-Up Panel
  • For Warm Transferring, it will happen after you've added the other person, and when you hang up on your end to connect the customer with the new CSR
  • For Cold Transferring, it will happen once you click "Hold for Anyone" or "Transfer"
  • Click on "Save Changes" in the Wrap Up Panel to exit the panel early

Additional Information

  • The best practice is to click "Save Changes" in the Wrap Panel once you are done with all actionables needed to make sure you are ready to receive the next call
  • If there are no actionables for you to do (such as a wrong number or transferring it to another department), quickly click on "Save Changes" as soon as the panel pops up so you are ready to receive calls again
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the proper ways to transfer and put people on hold so you are not accidentally sent to the Wrap Up Panel