The Wrap Up Panels feature allows us to set a certain amount of time an agent has after a call before they can receive the next one. This allows them to complete any actionable required of them when they get off a call before the next call starts ringing to them. This typically can be for about 15 to 30 seconds depending on what they need to do post-call, but is fully customizable and can be updated at any point. As you read through this, think about how you would want it to work:

  • Do you want Wrap Up Panels for both Inbound & Outbound?
  • Do you want different settings for each, or use the same?
  • How long do you want agents to be able to be in wrap-up (max)?
  • Do you want agents to be able to choose their next status after the call?

Once you have an idea of the different parameters, you can submit a ticket to us. We'd be happy to get it set up for you! Also, be sure to read our other article on Navigating CTM Wrap Up Panels, as it has information and a video on what the Wrap Up Panel looks like and how CSRs use it.

1. Set Up a New Custom Panel (Non-CRM Integration Clients Only*)

Go to "Settings" > "Custom Fields"

Click "New Panel" in the Upper Right Corner

Add a name to both the Panel and Field (it doesn't need to actually do anything & will be removed later in this process)

Click Save Changes

*This is only required for clients who do not currently have a Custom Panel enabled in their account. If you are utilizing a CRM Integration through Coalmarch, you already have this enabled in your account and you can skip this step!

2. Set up Wrap Up Panel Settings

Go to "Settings" > "Team (Phone Settings)"

Choose what team you want to add the Panels too

In the "Answering Calls" section:

  • Click on the "Auto-load Panel (in desk mode)" dropdown 
  • Select "Contact Panel"

Scroll down to the "Wrap-Up for Outbound Section"

  • In the "Wrap Up Panel" dropdown, select "Contact"
  • Under "Max time before auto-accepting calls" select the amount of time you would like the wrap-up panel to last
    • Note: putting "0" in the time means there won't be a time limit for the wrap-up panel and CSRs will have to manually exit every time. This is not the best method.
  • "Allow Agents to select next status during wrapup" - you can decide if you want to give this option to your CSRs. If unchecked, it will automatically put them to the status they were before the call (Usually Available)

Repeat for the "Wrap Up for Inbound" section below it, or check the "Use the Outbound Wrap-Up Panel Settings for Inbound Call" to duplicate the settings

Note: you can choose to enable both inbound and outbound, or just one or the other

Additional Information

  • Once Wrap Up Panels are created, you can delete the Custom Panel set up in step one
  • The duration of the panels is easy to change, so feel free to edit it as you see fit if you feel like CSRs either have too much or too little time
  • A good starting point would be 15 to 30 seconds, depending on what they need to do during that time
  • CSRs can easily exit the Wrap Up Panel early by clicking "Save Changes" at any point
  • Make sure the CSRs are comfortable with the proper ways to transfer and put people on hold before implementing the Wrap Up Panels (see below). This prevents accidentally getting sent to the Wrap Up Panel. (Read: Navigating CTM Wrap Up Panels)