This feature/setting gives CTM Phone System users the ability to choose their outbound number. It will display a drop-down menu in the softphone that pulls up a list of numbers they can choose from as their outbound number when set up. This has various use cases:

  1. Can be used to match the area code of the outbound number with the caller’s area code

  2. Can be used to match the tracking number they called into

  3. If the client has multiple businesses or locations, allows an agent to swap between different outbound numbers assigned to a specific business/location mainline


It can be very difficult to get people to answer the phone, especially when it's a number they don’t recognize. This can help companies to get a higher answer rate. They can match an area code or even the specific tracking number, so it will be a number the customer recognizes.

1. Set a “default” outbound number for each user 

Go to “Settings” → “Manage Users”

In the “Outbound Number” column select “Click to Edit”

Select the appropriate number from the drop-down

The number chosen will still be the CSRs default outbound number

Note: It must be a number that is added to the “Best Match” Settings which is done in the next steps

2. Enable Best Match

Go to “Settings” → “Teams (Phone Settings)”

Select the Team you want to update

Go to the “Making Calls” block and check “Enable Best Match”

Make sure the “Allow Agents to Toggle Best Match on/off” box is checked

Click on “Edit Assigned Tracking Numbers”

Add the numbers you want to be outbound options

Click “Save Changes”

3. Have Each CSR turn the toggle off in the softphone settings

Go to settings in the softphone

Turn “Use Best Match When Dialing” to OFF

Note: All CSRs will have to do this to have access to the dropdown

4. Check to see that it is working

Insert a number into the softphone

A dropdown should appear in the outbound number section

Click the outbound number and check that all numbers are there

Video Walkthrough: