As of July 21st, 2021, CTM's New Navigation will be required for all users. A variety of changes have been made on how to access settings within the account and where these options are located in the navigation menu. This overview will outline:

  • How to access settings
  • How these settings are now organized
  • Changes made to the call log and softphone for CSRs (CTM Phone System customers)
  • Additional resources including a walkthrough video

How to Access Settings and Options

Most of the settings can be accessed by clicking on the three lines in the upper left corner. This will be your direct access to the Activity Logs, Flow, Report, Activity, User, and Account settings.

Additional settings can also be found by clicking on the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner. These are the most frequently used User and Account Settings.

How the New Nav is Organized

The new navigation menu is broken out into 6 sections: Activities, Numbers, Flows, Reports, Help, and Settings.


  • You can now access individual Activity Logs for:
    • Calls
    • Texts
    • Forms
    • Chats
    • Faxes

  • This is where you will have access to DNC and Blocked Numbers
  • Contact Lists are now located in 'Activities'


  • Numbers still contains all the different kind of numbers associated with your CTM
    • Buy Numbers
    • Tracking Numbers
    • Receiving Numbers
  • 'Call Settings' are located here (settings associated with your tracking numbers, including the "This call may be recorded" greeting)
  • Anything related to dynamic swapping on your website is found at the bottom:
    • Target Numbers
    • Tracking Sources
    • Tracking Codes


  • Voice Menus
    • Main Menu / Phone Tree settings, Voicemail Boxes, etc.
  • Queues
    • Set of agents assigned to answer calls
  • Smart Routers
    • Advanced routing settings
  • Schedules
    • Business hours schedule & exceptions (holidays)
  • Triggers
    • Automated actions


  • Access to all the reports you had before including:
    • Activity Reports
    • Real-time Agents
    • ROI Reports 
    • Custom Reports
  • The Contact Center section now provides direct access to "Live Agents" and "Agent Activity" which could only be accessed through the Real-time Agents report previously
    • Live Agents allows you to monitor the current status of a custom list of agents you choose
    • Agent Activity allows you to filter all the call activity of a team for a specific time frame
  • Other settings that remain in the Report Settings
    • Notifications
    • Scoring
    • Tags


  • Account Settings
    • General high-level settings for the overall account
  • Manager Users
    • Adding/ removing users and making changes to specific profiles
  • Teams (Phone Settings)
    • What users will have access to within the Softphone
  • Access Control Groups
    • What users will have access to within the Call Log
  • Configurations settings are now listed on the bottom
    • Custom Fields
    • Custom Actions
    • Integrations

Right Side (Profile) Settings

  • Access to a lot of the same settings, such as: 
    • Account Settings
    • Billing Settings
    • Manage Users
  • Profile Settings
    • Make changes to your own individual profile
  • Light/Dark mode
    • Click on the 'A' toggle next to your name to switch the color scheme
  • This is where you log out
  • Can also change status from here

Call Log and Softphone Changes

Changes to the Call Log and Softphone are minimal:

  • Clicking on the audio headphones in the Call Log to listen to a recording will now pop up with the entire call bar, making it much easier to jump around within the call and re-listen to certain sections.
    • Before, in Classic Nav, you had to go to the "Voice Insights" panel of the call to access this

Additional Resources:

Video Walkthrough: