This article will be helpful for users who want to edit a screenshot and/or record their screen. (This is especially useful for capturing any issues with our software to submit to our support team!)

How to Download Awesome Screenshot: 

  1. Go to:

  2. You can choose to add this to your Chrome browser by clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button in the top right.

  3. Once added, you should Pin the extension to your Chrome toolbar. To do this, simply click on the puzzle piece icon all the way to the right of the toolbar and then click the pushpin icon beside the Awesome Screenshot app. This will make it so the extension is readily available for you to use in Chrome.

How to Take a Screenshot

  1. To take a screenshot, click on the Awesome Screenshot icon to the right of the address bar of the browser. Make sure you open up the Capture tab.

  1. Choose from one of the three options:

    1. Visible Part: To take a screenshot of only the visible part of your screen.

    2. Full Page: To take a screenshot of the entire page. 

    3. Selected Area: Allows you to use your mouse to select which part of the screen you want to capture. 

  2. Once you choose your option, another tab will open with the image ready for you to edit it if you choose or save it.

How to Record Your Screen

  1. To start recording your screen, click on the Awesome Screenshot icon to the right of the address bar of the browser. Make sure you click the Record tab. Some of the options available will be: 

    1. What to record: entire screen, a specific tab, or using the front-facing camera.

    2. Location of where the video is saved.

    3. Which microphone to use.

    4. Which camera to use and the desired resolution. 

  1. Then click on the Start Recording button. A Share Your Screen window will pop up for you to select which screen/window you want to record. Choose the screen and hit share.

  1. When you’re done recording, press Stop Sharing at the bottom of the window you were sharing. 

    Now that the video is complete, it will be automatically saved in the All Videos tab on the left-hand side. You can also: 

    1. Click Generate a Shareable Link to email to others. 

    2. Download the video as a MP4 file.