For the Tech Lead Form, you will likely want to add this web page as an 'app icon' on your cell phone home screen for quick & easy access! This help article will walk you through how to do this on an iPhone or an Android device.

Open up your phone’s internet browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) and type in your unique Tech Form URL. This is typically formatted as

On an iPhone or iPad, open the URL in Safari. Once the web page is open (and you're logged in), click the share icon at the bottom of the window, then click “Add to Home Screen”. On the next screen, you can update the name that displays on your home screen (suggestion: change this to simply “Tech Form”), then click Add.

On an Android device, open the Tech Form URL in Google Chrome. In the upper right hand corner, click the 3 dots to open up the menu, then click "Add to Home Screen". Here you can update the name that displays on the home screen & click Add to finalize.

Once the web page is on your home screen as an "app" icon, you can treat it like any other app and move it around on your home screen to wherever you want it for quick access on-the-go!