By default, a job opening will have the Quality Pro application attached, which is a comprehensive application that collects personal information, work history and criminal history. 

You now have the ability to save a shorter version of this application as a template and attach it to any job opening. To do this, follow the steps outlined below. All saved templates can be found and removed under the Settings tab in the Hiring Section.

To save an Application Template:

1. Click on the "Manage" tab.

2. Click on the "Hiring" tab.

3. Click on the "Openings" tab.

4. Click on the job opening you'd like to modify.

5. Click on the "Applications" tab within the job opening.

There will be a dropdown that will allow you to pick a previously created application template or revert back to the default (full Quality Pro Application).

6. If you'd like to create a new application template, uncheck any field you do not wish to appear on the application and click the "Save" button underneath the dropdown - this will save the template, not the application changes.

7. After you've saved the application template, you can save the application settings which will apply your new application to the job opening. To save the application changes, scroll down to the bottom and click "Save Changes".

8. You can view and remove all custom applications in the "Settings" tab.


  • Application Settings vs. Application Templates:
    • The application template is the saved and named version of the quality pro application that you can attach to any job opening. You can save an application template by unchecking the fields that you do not want candidates to fill out and clicking the "Save" button underneath the dropdown.
    • After you've selected the application template, you need to save the Application Settings by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen and clicking "Save". This will save the application you've created to the job opening.
  • If you attempt to save the application settings without saving the application template, a notification will appear asking if you'd like to save the application as a template. By clicking "Yes", it will allow you to name and save the application template.
  • If you save the application template without saving the application settings, it will prompt you to save the settings before leaving the page.
  • If you uncheck a field that is already saved as an application template, the dropdown will auto-populate the name of the saved application. We've set it up this way to help your team avoid creating duplicate custom applications.