To Share a Job with Indeed:

1. Manage > Hiring > Openings.
    2. Find the job from the list that you wish to share, and scroll down to the Job Exposure section (at the bottom of the Opening Details page).
      3. Click to switch Indeed sharing On.
      - A Questionnaire is required. If there is not one attached to this job, head to Manage > Hiring > Questionnaires to create one.

      4. Email your Indeed representative using the template below. (To find your Indeed representative, please fill out a support request through Indeed Support.)

      Email to: Your Indeed representative

      Subject line: Company Name: New Jobs for Indexing

      Hi {Representative Name},

      This is {your name} from {company}, and we are using the Forgely ATS to share our job openings on Indeed. We have pushed some new jobs that are ready for indexing. 

      We have { x } new jobs on the XML at this time. Here is our XML feed:

      Please confirm once this is done. Thanks!


      - To find your Indeed representative, fill out a support request through Indeed Support.

      - The URL in the email template will not change. Please do not use this URL for any other reason.

      - It could take up to 48 hours for your job to appear.