Unique Background Solutions will send an invoice at the end of the month for all background checks ordered in the previous month. However, to help keep your background checks organized, you can view a background check report by following the steps below. 

You can also filter, save, and create a schedule to send you a copy of your report whenever you'd like.

To view a Background Check Report:

1. Click "Reports" located in the top menu (beside your company name).

2. Click "Background Check Report".

3. Set a filter (if you'd like) and click "Run Report". Just click "Run Report" to display all the data - you can filter after you run the report as well.

4. You can filter by package type, opening, date ordered, application date, and more. To save your report, filter the information you'd like to see and click the Save Icon in the top right corner. (You can also export as a PDF or CSV.) 

5. Name the report and click "Save Report". If you'd like to receive an emailed copy of the report, check the box beside "Receive this report by email" before you click save. You'll be prompted to set your email schedule, then click "Save Report".