This new feature allows you to sort through candidates by their background check status - not ordered, ordered, pending, and ready. In the candidate tab, you'll now see a dropdown called "Background Check Status" and a column added to the Candidate overview page. 

Note: You must have background checks enabled in order to see this feature.

To filter by background check status:

1. Click on the "Manage" tab.

2. Click on the "Hiring" tab.

3. Click on the "Candidates" tab.

4. Click on the Background Check drop down to see your filter options:

- Ordered = any background check that has been ordered, which includes checks that are pending and ready.

- Pending = the background check has been received and is waiting on further action internally or from the candidate, or the background check is in progress.

- Ready = the background check is complete and ready to view.

- Not Ordered = no background check has been ordered for the candidate.

5. Select the appropriate filter to view your candidates.