To get started using background checks through Unique Background Solutions:

1. Click the "Manage" tab.

2. Click "Hiring".

3. Click "Integration Settings".

4. Under the "Enable Background Checks" section, click "Sign Form". (The form outlines the agreement between your company and Unique Background Solutions).

5. After you sign the form in Docusign, the form will be sent directly to Unique Background Solutions. The "Enabled" section will display a pending status. Once Unique Background Solutions has received your request, they will reach out to set up your company information and billing. 

Note: All billing from Unique Background Solutions will be handled directly through them. Click here to learn more about the billing process.

6. After Unique Background Solutions has set up your company and billing information, your "Enabled" toggle will change to "Yes". 

To learn how to order background checks for your candidates, click here.