Billing Overview:

When you sign up for Forgely for the first time, you will be charged that day for a prorated amount based on the number of employees that you currently have in Forgely. On the first of the each month, your billing cycle will begin.

Billing Cycle:

On the first of the month, you will be charged for all current user for the entire month. If you gain or lose employees throughout the month, you will be charged or refunded a prorated amount which will be applied to the following month's bill. 

Here's an example:

Let's say I have 30 employees in Forgely. On April 1, I am charged for the entire month of April for 30 employees. On April 15, I lose 2 employees. On May 1 bill, I will be refunded for the amount of unused time for the 2 employees and charged for 28 employees for the month of May.

Background Check Billing

Unique Background Solutions handles all billing for background checks directly. Click here for more information about the billing process.