This support article will outline the process of adding an exception to schedule holiday hours in CTM. 

New Nav:

    1. Click on Flows in the options in the lefthand sidebar

    2. Click on Schedules

  1. On the Schedules page, click Edit beside the type of hours you would like to change, i.e business hours. 

  1. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to the Exceptions panel. Click on the Add Exceptions button.

    *An exception is a set of specific date ranges that can be excluded from the normal operating times above. Using this feature will allow you to exclude specific dates & times from the business hours schedule, so calls during those times will follow your after-hours routing setup. 

  1. An Add New Exceptions window should appear. Fill out the following fields: 
    – Name
    – Description
    – Date Range 

    You will want to input the dates of the holiday/meeting/etc. in the Date Range field, and you do need to select both a start date and an end date (even if it’s the same day). 

    Then select the times for each date (Example: If it's for a single day, have the start time be 12:00am and the end time be 11:59 pm on the same date). When selecting a date, it will default the time to 12:00am so be sure to adjust that when needed to cover all of the days you want to fall under the after-hours exception.

    After you have completed the fields, click the Add Exception button. 

  1. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.