Miscellaneous Information & Tips about the PestPac Integration w/ CTM:

  • Coalmarch / the integration does not change information on a Location within PestPac, only leads / calls. A new location will be created from info in the call / lead.
  • The integration does not search the "Bill-To" information within PestPac, it only looks for the information within a Location.
  • Coalmarch added the "Location Number"¬†field to allow clients the ability to input a location manually. You just need to copy the Location Number from PestPac (which is different than the Location ID) and paste it into that field (on the contact panel) and click save. Then it will pull in that location's info into CTM. (Do this before marking the call as a lead)
  • Another tip is to add any additional numbers as an "Alternate #" in PestPac so it will register that phone number going forward for that particular location.