In the Call Log view, you'll see a blue phone icon in the top right. Click this to open the softphone.

Once the softphone is opened, you’ll see the number dialer at the bottom, suggested numbers at the top, and a menu bar. In the menu bar, you’ll be able to toggle your status in the drop down (Available, Not Available). 

You can also click the big blue button on the bottom of the dialer to set your status. 

To make an OUTBOUND call, use the dialer to input a phone number. The blue button will change to “Call”.

When you are receiving an INBOUND phone call, this is what you’ll see. Click Accept or Decline to either answer or dismiss the call. The call will show as “inbound” from CallTrackingMetrics.

When you are on an active call (inbound or outbound), this is what the softphone will look like: