Once you are logged in, you will see the “Call Log” - this is the main dashboard that it defaults to.

  • For the purposes of viewing & responding to text messages, we will ignore this dashboard.

In the Top Left menu, go to the “Activities” section and select “Texts”

  • This is where you will see all incoming & outgoing text messages. Incoming text messages have a green chat bubble icon. Outgoing messages are orange.

  • Each individual text message will show up in its own row. However, if you click into a single text message you will be able to see the full thread.

Once an incoming text message shows up, you can respond to it right within the Text Log.

  • Click on the text message row to expand it. In the “Text Message” section you’ll see a text entry box where you can write your response.
  • The text box will tell you how many characters you have left [160 is the standard character limit].
  • If you hit ‘enter’ in the text message, it will send the message. Or alternatively, you can use the blue "Send Message" button on the far right. To add another line to your message, hit "Shift + Enter" and it will drop down to a new line. 

That’s it! Please let your Account Manager know if you have any issues or additional questions.

Additional Notes:

Coalmarch can set up an email trigger so that anytime an incoming text message is received, your office is alerted via email that you have a new text message. Then you can log in to CTM & respond.