The Forgely Community is a free collection of training classes, reviews, and inspections provided by other home service companies in Forgely. You can find anything in the Community from KPI reviews to product label quizzes. The best part? These programs have been provided by real companies in your industry that have used them to increase their team's efficiency, product knowledge, and performance. 

To start searching in the Community, click on the "Community" tab. You can search by keywords, industry, job category or just browse around. To see a preview of the class, click the red "Options" button on the right and click "Preview class".

Once you find something you want to use, click "Options" > "Copy [material]". This will bring the class, inspection or review into your company's Forgely account. You can rename it, remove unnecessary fields, and assign.

Want to share a class, inspection or review that's worked for your team? All you have to do is go to Manage > Training (or Manage > Reviews, or Manage > Inspections) and click the red "Action" dropdown beside the material you want to share. Click "Share". 

If you ever decide you’d like to remove the class from the community, you can always choose to “unshare” at any time.