How to create a class:

1. Click the "Manage" tab.

2. Click "Training".

3. Click the second tab labeled "Classes".  Click "Add Class". This will allow you to pick from "Create Class" or "From Community". Click "Create Class".

4. This brings you to the class set up page to gather initial class information. After you've filled out the initial information, such as a class name and description, you can attach the class to an existing course (not required). Click "Save Class Information" to create exams and upload training materials.

In the top right corner, you'll see a red "Share" button which allows you to add this class to the Community. When you scroll down, you'll also see the option to add training materials (link to a webpage, upload a file or video) and create exams.

Note: You can also create a class by going to Manage > Training > Courses and clicking on the red dropdown beside a course. Select the "Manage Classes" option and repeat the steps listed above. Click here for more directions.