The Intranet in Forgely is a place where you can link all important documents and links to easily access from your dashboard. Most companies utilizde this tool to house common documents, such as employee handbooks or processes. The intranet appears on your dashboard as the "Important Documents and Links" section on the left side. You'll have the ability to upload documents or links that are available to the entire company, just one position, or unique to the individual employee.

Company managers have the ability to add and edit Company items and Positions items, while each employee has the ability to edit "Your Files and Links". Your files and links will only appear on your dashboard.

To edit, click on Settings > Company Intranet > Add Intranet Item. You'll have the option to name the item, select the type, and select who to share it with. If you click "Pin this item" it will appear in the first three items on the dashboard. When you're finished adding the item, click save.